Wound Care Clinic


Phone Number: (212) 659-8554.

Epic Order: AMB REF To Wound Care

Expedited Appointment

Email the following information to # Medical Surgical Specialties Ophthalmology Overbooks:

How to order Supplies

Fax visit note with wound stage, location, measurement in cm, amount of drainage, insurance information and signed scripts (include DX code) to the vendor.


Byram Healthcare Medical Supply Company

  • Fax: 800-642-4639

  • Phone: 877-742-1972

  • Email:

  • Byram does not accept Healthfirst Medicare, only Medicaid. Medicare orders have to be sent to Integra Partners

Mercy Home Care

  • Fax: 888-964-2607

  • Phone: 718-376-3131

Integra Partners

  • Fax: 718-287-1229

  • Phone: 888-729-8818