IMA Weight Management


Referral Criteria

  1. Obesity by any definition, or Overweight plus a comorbidity

  2. Must have had a recent primary care visit

  3. Patients will schedule at the front desk, NOT through an Epic referral

  4. Patients must be interested in visiting IMA Weight Management a total of 4 times

Antiobesity Medications

FDA-approved antiobesity medications

BMI >= 30 or >= 27 + 1 comorbidity

Medicaid in the State of NY and Medicare in the US does NOT cover ANY FDA-approved antiobesity medication.

Caveats: Wegovy 0.25mg and 0.5mg are widely on back order. Liraglutide has some recent data demonstrating increased pancreatitis, SBO, and gastroparesis.

The following GLP1RA will be denied for patients without T2DM: Ozempic, Trulicity, Bydureon, Mounjaro.

Off-label antiobesity medications


At most ~$30 per month with GoodRx.


Reach out to Christine Schindler or Shyam Sundaresh

Employee Program for anyone prescribed an AOM

p Employee Health Pharmacists