Visiting Nurses



  • For patients that are HOMEBOUND: i.e. a normal inability to leave home, and leaving home requires a considerable and taxing effort. Includes: using assistive devices (cane/wheelchair/walker/crutches), needing special transportation, needing the help of another person to leave their home, leaving home exacerbates symptoms, cognitive or psych impairments).

  • Skilled Nursing at home (will send an RN to the pts house for many reasons, including medication mgt (includes medication adherence/medication pouring/assessing compliance), diabetes/cardiac/asthma mgt, gait assessment, BP mgt)

  • Rehabilitation Services — Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • Heart failure management

  • Home Health Aide Care and Companionship

  • Behavioral Health Specialty Care - psych nurse evaluation and therapy

  • Strong Foundations Falls Prevention

  • Wound, catheter, ostomy care

To Consult

  • "Consult to VNS" and leave in VNS pickup box.

  • Attach face-to-face form for medicare patients.

  • IF Home Health Aid is deemed appropriate, they will send you an M11q form to sign.

  • Contact: (866) 632-2557