Urine Drug Screens


The following urine drug tests replace the previously used “urine opiate extended panel.”

There are two screening panels described below, with the option to add-on confirmatory testing. These are sent out to LabCorp.

How to order:

  1. If ordering urine drug testing for pre-employment only, order "Urine Drug of Abuse"
  2. If ordering urine drug testing for stable patients on chronic opioid therapy, order "Monitor Screen 10-Drug Class Profile"
  3. If ordering urine drug testing for patients on maintenance buprenorphine OR actively using other substances OR you are concerned a patient is using other substances(i.e. heroin, street xanax/percocet/other street pain medication), order "Monitor Screen 14-Drug Class Profile"

Unexpected screening results:

If you receive an unexpected result from the screen panel and wish to rule out a false negative/positive, please add on the confirmatory test for the specific drug - place the order for the drug you want to confirm (see individual list below) and select Add-On (under Priority).

Screen first, confirm only if needed:

Please order the screening tests first followed by add-on confirmation and not just the individual confirmatory tests.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Safety: You can screen for other substances that may affect ongoing treatment

  2. Effective use of resources: Screening panel results are usually sufficient enough for clinical decision-making; confirmatory tests are more costly and time consuming

Factor in turn-around time:

195350 - Monitor 10-Drug Class Profile
195352 - Monitor 14-Drug Class Profile
195354 - Methadone (GC/MS), Urine
195355 - Propoxyphene (GC/MS), Urine
195356 - Amphetamine (GC/MS), Urine
195357 - Barbiturate (GC/MS), Urine
195358 - Cannabinoid (GC/MS), Urine
195359 - Cocaine (GC/MS), Urine
195360 - Phencyclidine (GC/MS), Urine
195361 - Opiates, Confirmation, Urine
195362 - Tramadol (GC/MS), Urine
195363 - Meperidine/Normep (GC/MS), U
195364 - Oxycodone/Oxymorphone Confirm U
195365 - Benzodiazepines Confirm, Urine
195366 - Fentanyl/Norfentanyl, Confirm

There will be more information about how to order and interpret urine drug testing at DGIM Grand Rounds on opioid prescribing at IMA, Dec 14th.