Substance and Alcohol Use


All IMA patients will be screened for Substance and Alcohol Use annually.

For patients who score moderate risk on either the Audit C (3-7 for women, 4-7 for men) or the DAST 10 (3-5):

For patients with high risk substance use (6+ on DAST) or alcohol use (8+ on Audit-C):

IMA Reach Referral

  • Patient Initials
  • MRN
  • Substance(s) used in the last year
  • If opioid use disorder, are they interested in buprenorphine?
  • Does patient have untreated hepatitis C?
  • Name of provider
  • Phone number of provider
  • Patient Best Phone Number
  • Referral discussed with patient and agreed to appointment?

Important dotphrases:

For SBIRT Intervention: .alcoholdrugintervention

For patient education: .alcoholeducation .marijuanaeducation .cocaineeducation .opioideducation .otherdrugeducation .alcoholgoalsworksheet .druggoalsworksheet