Social Work


How to refer at IMA:

The IMA Triage Team can be accessed the same day by IMA patients for drop in, as needed, for social work services. The patient needs to sign in at the front desk and wait to be called by the Triage Worker. The provider can place a consult at any time to IMA Social Work via EPIC order: ‘AMB REF to Social Work’ and they will follow up with the patient. Triage does not assist patients actively enrolled and connected to an MSHP Care Manager.

Triage SWer (Location, Office Phone, Cell Phone)
Ashley Marte (D7-134, 212-824-7544, 917-751-9272)
Sandra Misas (D7-108C, 212-824-7559, 646-891-6349)
Josh Williams (D7- 235, 212-824-7129, 929-504-8613)
Ileana Montalvo (Firm D Front Desk, 212-824-8133, 646-957-5129)