REACH Program Clinic


Program Description

Outpatient primary care clinic co-located at IMA for patients with substance use disorders

REACH is an outpatient primary care clinic that provides a patient-centered, harm reduction approach to primary care for persons who use alcohol and other drugs, and for individuals living with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

Clinic is held in-person at IMA Tuesday afternoons, Thursday mornings, and Friday afternoons along with telehealth visits. In addition to seeing our medical providers, patients benefit from dedicated patient navigation, social work, comprehensive and stigma-free services that reduce barriers to care. Referrals are made to care coordination, mental health, and substance use treatment when indicated.

  • Services include:
    - Comprehensive outpatient primary care 
    - Office-based buprenorphine treatment 
    - HCV treatment
    - Stigma free risk reduction counseling 
    - Overdose response training
    - Psychosocial assessment & support, including support groups 
    - Community based HCV outreach, education & testing


 -  >18 years of age
 -  Must have an insurance that is accepted by IMA
   * IMA does not accept HealthFirst Medicaid patients who have never before been seen in IMA or in the MSH Pediatrics practice
  • Currently no primary care provider AND has a substance use disorder (DSM-5) or HCV RNA+
  • For patients who currently have a Sinai primary care provider, REACH can provide a consultation visit if a patient has a substance use disorder (DSM-5) that their current primary care provider is unable to address:
    • Patients with opioid use disorder seeking buprenorphine treatment
    • Patients with alcohol use disorder * We encourage providers to initiate the conversation and prescribe AUD medications such as naltrexone or acamprosate as they are comfortable with doing so.
    • Patients with other substance use disorders (cocaine/stimulant, cannabis)* There are no FDA approved medications for other SUDs such as stimulant or cannabis use disorder. There are other recommended behavioral therapies that REACH does not provide given that we are NOT a substance use treatment program. Please instead consider referral to Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai

Not eligible: Patients with opioid use disorder seeking methadone treatment

How to refer

Email: reach@mountsinai.org

Provider refers to REACH clinic (email reach@mountsinai.org or #REACH) or Calls the Patient Navigator for REACH (646-951-1693) for real-time, in person warm handoff.

  • Please include the following information:
    - Patient Initials
    - MRN
    - Substance(s) used in the last year
    - If opioid use disorder, are they interested in buprenorphine?
    - Does patient have untreated hepatitis C?
    - Name of provider
    - Phone number of provider
    - Best contact number for patient 
    - Referral discussed with patient and agreed to appointment?


Email: reach@mountsinai.org

A dedicated team phone 646-951-1693 is available to patients M-F from 9am to 5pm to support with patient needs.