Emergency Room Referral



  • Call Hunter Ambulance: 631-777-5600
  • Inform RN and MA. Numbers available here
  • Call ED Referral Line and discuss referral with the "Physician in Charge"212-241-3611
  • Order: "Consult to Emergency Department".
  • Give a copy of the face sheet and your note to the transportation team.


  • After hours access to Mount Sinai ERs:
  • If you would like to transport a patient to the Mount Sinai ED urgently but not emergently -- they do not need 911 services to be transported to the close
  • Call them at 631-777-5600 – save this on your phones, especially for when you are on OP block/OP overnight call.
  • Have the following info handy:
  • Caller name and contact number
  • Pt name/address /contact info
  • Pt chief complaint
  • Any specialty equipment needed (i.e. Oxygen)
  • Destination hospital

Mount Sinai ERs

A list of the locations and contact information of all the ERs in the Mount Sinai Health System can be found here.