Direct Hospital Admission


Direct admission

  1. Notify Division of Hospital Medicine by phone or pager (check amion for Lead Hospitalist if daytime, Night Hospitalist if after 5PM).

  2. Contact the Admitting Department via telephone at 212-241-1900 or fax an “Inpatient Reservation” form to 212-860-4299. (See form attached.)

  3. Be prepared to provide patient demographics, ICD-10 code for admission diagnosis, insurance information, expected date of admission, and admitting physician (the Lead/Night Hospitalist).

  4. Admitting will notify the physician and communicate all admission instructions to the patient once the requested bed is ready.

  5. If you would like further information concerning the direct admission process or need additional assistance in accommodating a patient admission, please contact Helen Brannon at 516-413-9177 or Judith Archer at 646-574-5644

Transfers from outside health facilities

As a reminder, for transfers from outside health facilities into MSH, please contact the Patient Transfer Center at 1-800-TO-SINAI or